Understanding Building Enclosure Commissioning

Chelsea F. Ames, Senior Associate
Andrea DelGiudice, Associate Principal and Unit Manager
Martina T. Driscoll, Principal and Unit Manager

As codes and performance standards for building enclosures become increasingly stringent, it’s critical that Owners understand the key operational requirements that need to be met in order to achieve expected performance metrics. Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) is a quality-oriented process intended to help define, improve, and verify the performance of building enclosures so that you can better manage your risk and outcomes. In fact, many jurisdictions now require commissioning by third-party BECx providers.

In this webinar architect Chelsea Ames, architectural engineer Andrea DelGiudice, and civil engineer Martina Driscoll illustrate the key components of the BECx process and explain why an Owner may find it valuable to implement BECx on a project. Our case studies demonstrate the advantages of various BECx tasks so that you can make an informed decision on whether commissioning may be beneficial for your project.

By the end of the webinar, you will be able to:

•  Describe what Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) is and what it entails

•  Analyze when and why to include BECx in a project

•  Summarize the process included in BECx throughout project phases, including predesign, design, preconstruction, construction, and post-occupancy

•  Identify the expected core competencies of a BECx service provider and why they are important

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