Our professionals work on more than 8,000 construction-related projects each year and are experts in dealing with the risks and complexities of the construction process. Since 1956, we've applied specialized engineering and architectural knowledge to help contractors and owners anticipate and safeguard against unknown conditions as well as efficiently troubleshoot issues when they arise.

A safe, accident-free construction environment is our first priority. Supported by a dedicated in-house safety team, our professionals are regularly trained in risk determination and management, sustaining an OSHA Experience Modification Rate (EMR) less than .70 for the past five years.

No matter our role on the project team, we work closely with contractors and other team members to develop designs that meet contract specifications, provide on-site troubleshooting and risk mitigation, and leverage skills and in-house resources to economically and efficiently bring construction projects to completion. Our professional services for the construction industry include:

  • Construction Engineering
  • Construction Observation and Troubleshooting
  • Risks from Adjacent Demolition and Construction
  • Design-Build
  • Advising and Consulting with Owners
  • Peer Review
  • Technical Assistance During Design and Construction
  • Development of Bid and Repair Documents
  • Review of Contract Specifications