Construction Engineering


"Our in-depth understanding of risk, safety, and construction means and methods allows us to offer construction engineering services that benefit the designer, contractor, and owner."

— Richard Walther, Principal

The construction phase is often the most complex part of a project. Structures are more vulnerable to failure during construction. Equipment and resources must be marshalled effectively to adhere to budget and schedule constraints. Constructability issues must be efficiently mitigated, and worker safety is the top priority. Owners and contractors rely on our specialized construction knowledge to properly detail and sequence construction tasks to maximize benefit from labor and resources, successfully execute the design documents, and avoid costly delays.

Our engineers have extensive experience performing a wide range of construction engineering services for buildings, bridges, and other structures. These services include the development of erection and demolition procedures, rigging design, sequencing for repair or replacement, bracing, and stability in order to safely maintain the partially completed structure throughout the construction process.

Having worked on more than 175,000 construction-related projects, we are familiar with the challenges of a construction site. Whether faced with limited room for placement of cranes or shoring, assembly sequencing for a complicated facade system, or in-field submittal development, we draw upon decades of technical expertise in structural and materials engineering to develop innovative solutions to construction-related problems.