Geotechnical and Geological


"At WJE, we provide our clients with a broad range of geotechnical and geological engineering services—encompassing foundations, infrastructure/industrial projects, and hazard/risk assessments—across the globe."

— Don Carroll, Associate Principal and Unit Manager

The built world resides in the natural world. Though much consideration is paid to the impact our structures have on the natural world, the connection runs both ways. The soil, groundwater, geology, and natural terrain of a structure’s environment can significantly impact its performance. Understanding these factors is key to assessing field conditions, developing appropriate construction or repair details, and mitigating potential hazards.

Our geotechnical and geological engineers have decades of experience providing a broad range of technical consulting services for clients globally. Principal areas of practice include geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, environmental geology, ground water hydrology, geological hazard evaluations, earthquake engineering, and forensic engineering.

Whether investigating a retaining wall failure or residential foundation movement, conducting field reconnaissance for a mining facility, or performing probabilistic seismic hazard evaluations for a high-risk dam, our experts have the hands-on knowledge, advanced testing, and analytical capabilities clients seek to maintain stable, durable buildings and infrastructure.