Enclosure Commissioning


"WJE’s multidisciplinary expertise and dedication to superior performance of the building envelope converge to deliver valuable, industry-leading enclosure commissioning services."

— Fiona Aldous, Principal

The complexity of today’s construction projects often demands an objective and experienced eye dedicated to helping the owner achieve the proper performance and integration of the building’s components and systems. Clients seeking to create lasting structures rely on us to verify the air and water tightness, energy efficiency, durability, constructability, serviceability, and functionality of their projects. The unique insight we provide is the product of thousands of previous investigations of building problems and failures, numerous design reviews, and decades of hands-on field experience.

We help clients achieve the owner’s project requirements for high-performance, fully integrated, and constructible building enclosures by working collaboratively with the owner, design team, and construction team. Our process is comprehensive and tailored to the project’s needs. This verifies that established objectives for long-term durability, serviceability, and performance are maintained from the predesign and design phases through the preconstruction and construction phases, and after occupancy.

Our experienced commissioning professionals provide technical guidance during all phases of the commissioning process to verify that a carefully considered design is properly achieved in the field. By engaging us, the client receives a valuable partner in the complex construction process—a partner who will represent the client’s interests and fulfill their expectations of high-quality service throughout the project and into post-occupancy.

  • Owner Project Requirement documentation
  • Design phase reviews, detailing, and technical assistance
  • Computer simulation and evaluation of wall assembly design
  • Bid reviews
  • Value engineering assistance
  • Preconstruction laboratory mock-up and materials testing
  • Whole building air pressurization testing
  • Construction period observation, documentation, and on-site verification of contractor quality control
  • Field testing for air, water, and thermal performance
  • Project close-out summary and maintenance manual
  • Post-occupancy and preexpiration of warranty review
  • Facade engineering