Instrumentation and Monitoring


"WJE uses a wide variety of nondestructive evaluation methods and state-of-the-art instrumentation to assess the condition of structures and maintain their integrity over time."

— Robert Hannen, Associate Principal

Distress and deterioration are not always visible to the naked eye. Conversely, visible damage does not always correlate to more serious, widespread issues. Knowing the internal condition or long-term performance of a structure or component is vital to developing appropriate maintenance plans and repair strategies. We engage a full suite of state-of-the-art instrumentation and monitoring capabilities to test and measure structures over time and from the inside out.

Our engineers and architects have instrumented and measured thousands of structures in our Janney Technical Center laboratory and in the field with strain gages, displacement instrumentation, accelerometers, environmental monitors, and other sensors. We’ve developed, installed, and maintained large continuous monitoring systems, featuring wireless networks, interactive web and video feeds, database archival systems, and automated alarm systems. These techniques and tools provide the detailed information we need to evaluate structural behavior and measure the performance of repairs and retrofits. 

By using a data-driven approach to investigating deterioration and distress conditions, our engineers and architects give clients a fuller understanding of their structures and can work with them to achieve improved performance and increased service life.

  • Modal analysis and dynamic structural modeling
  • Long-term structural health monitoring
  • Structural load testing
  • Vibration, blast, and noise monitoring
  • Strain, displacement, and pressure monitoring
  • Acoustic emission monitoring
  • Whole building air pressurization testing
  • Building envelope monitoring
  • Air/water infiltration testing
  • Temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, and wind speed monitoring
  • Structural tilt monitoring
  • Subsurface inclinometer testing
  • Constructability testing