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We seek highly talented individuals who want to be challenged, who want hands-on work, who want to be measured against higher standards, and who want to be mentored by the industry’s most accomplished experts.

If that sounds like you, WJE may be the right place for you.



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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.


A career at WJE means constant exposure to diverse experiences—a place where learning never ends. We seek therefore to employ a diverse group of only C2E2 people—people with outstanding Character, unwavering Commitment to our core and culture, strong Expertise, and genuine Enthusiasm for their work.

We work on fascinating projects. Clients worldwide seek our expertise to solve the most significant, interesting, and challenging problems of the built world. With more than 9,000 projects annually, you'll get hands-on experience in the field, in the lab, and in the office.

Our people are our greatest strength. Recognized within the industry as the standard bearer of technical excellence, we offer a career alongside the best and brightest in the industry. Working at WJE is a team endeavor characterized by a culture of trust and personal responsibility. We encourage open communication, continuous learning, innovative thinking, ongoing mentoring, and free-flowing collaboration.

Our firm has markedly less turnover than others in our industry. Our long-term stability and strength are fueled by our supportive yet challenging work environment. We have a long history of promotion from within, opportunities for annual bonus, and employee ownership potential.

Whether you bring years of experience to the team or you're just starting your career, we are a great choice.


Meet WJE Team Members

Hayley Proctor
University of California, Berkeley, Bachelor of Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of California, Berkeley, Master of Science, Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Materials)
“I am continually surprised by the breadth and depth of our knowledge as a company. I find that almost every project has an aspect that is new to me but is someone else’s area of expertise, and that colleague is only a phone call away! Our drive to problem-solve really sets us apart from other firms. I love to brainstorm solutions with a team. That’s a trait that so many of us share at WJE.”
Andrew Stam
Oklahoma State University, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
University of Texas at Austin, Master of Science, Civil Engineering
“WJE’s reputation as a preeminent problem solver attracted me to work here. I’ve been surprised at how much autonomy and responsibility WJE gives project managers, even young ones. This culture of trust is deeply motivating for me. My favorite project happened at the beginning of the pandemic. It involved construction troubleshooting that required relocating my family to rural Louisiana. My kids still talk about our adventure in the bayou, complete with swamps, snakes, and boiled crawfish.”
Jo Madrid
Universidad Iberoamericana, Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies
Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla, Master of Architecture, Architectural Housing
Oklahoma State University, Master of Business Administration
“The fact that I would be able to work on cool projects, travel, and not be sitting at a desk all the time influenced my decision to join WJE. My favorite projects to work on have been the Be Grand project in Mexico City and The Victor project in Dallas. It’s great that WJE's professionals have the freedom to create our own paths. It has helped the company be so successful.”
Anthony Dukes
Clemson University, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
“My decision to join WJE was based on the rich history of the company, including both its forensics background and problem-avoidance practice. I’ve been impressed by the culture of trust and respect along with the ability to reach out to veteran colleagues who are enthusiastically willing to assist with my development. The company and its remarkable people will pour into you just as much (and usually more) than you pour back.” 
Kimberly Latona
Peirce College, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Management
Capella University, Master of Science, Organization and Management
“A big reason why I joined WJE was because of the warm and welcoming environment during my in-person interview. I was also given the opportunity to meet with several senior staff who shared positive work experiences.
Since then, I’ve found out that the environment at WJE is inclusive. Administrative professionals are included in company-wide decisions, and we are considered valuable personnel alongside subject-matter experts. We have the best administrative community. We support and encourage each other company-wide.”
Cole Jaconski
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering 
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Master of Science, Structural Engineering
“Two things set WJE apart: everyone has such a passion for the work, and everyone believes in a high level of quality. WJE trusts employees, and that permeates our culture. WJE employees have an open-door policy, which has led to exponential personal career growth by improving my relationships and expanding my technical knowledge. My favorite project has been working with repair documents and more at the oldest and newest libraries in Washington, D.C.; I worked with wildly different building facade systems simultaneously.”
Gloria Moy
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Bachelor of Science, Architecture
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Master of Architecture
"I worked at a couple of design firms before working here. During those internships, my favorite part was the on-site work, but usually, that was a small fraction of my time. Typically, I would have one project and redo designs every other week. I interned at WJE and loved the fast-paced environment of working on multiple projects, including being able to spend half of my time on-site."

Watch this video to learn more about Gloria's building enclosures work experiences at WJE.
Andrew Stanton
The Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Structural
The Pennsylvania State University, Master of Architectural Engineering, Structural
“During my interview process, I was amazed by how welcoming the Seattle staff were. WJE quickly turned into a company I saw myself being a part of. I am given the freedom and flexibility to make my own schedule and pursue my own professional ambitions without being micro-managed. Being able to help on projects in Florida, California, Alaska, and elsewhere has helped broaden my exposure in the industry.”

Beyond the Work

"We work hard , but through it all, we maintain our sense of humor and make it fun."

Jeannette Ray,
Executive Director of Human Resources Development

Enthusiasm is core to our business and staff community. Each day, our people tackle new challenges with extraordinary enthusiasm. We're passionate about our work, and it shows—not only in our technical excellence, but also in our daily work environment. Simply put, we enjoy our work, and we enjoy one another. From the routine—eating lunch together—to the extreme—running 100-mile races, our staff connect in and out of the office, on and off the job site.

Employment Benefits

Our benefits, designed with you and your family in mind, are among the best in our business. Our programs help promote health, build financial security, and provide time away from work. Unless otherwise specified, benefits are effective on the first day of employment for employees scheduled to work at least twenty hours per week.