Structural Load and Fatigue Testing


“One load test is worth more than a hundred professional opinions.”

— Jack Janney, WJE Founder

Jack Janney's quote has guided our practice since its founding in 1956. Leveraging state-of-the-art testing equipment in our extensive in-house laboratory facility, our engineers routinely test materials and systems to failure under controlled conditions. Whether the results indicate structural deficiencies or verify the component can withstand specified service loads, structural load and fatigue testing provide critical information about the integrity of a structure.

Clients turn to us when they suspect construction deficiencies, observe deterioration that could lead to strength loss, anticipate a change in load demands, or need to verify the effectiveness of repairs or performance of a new structural system. Our in-house structural and materials testing facilities and state-of-the-art equipment offer a unique advantage in developing solutions to construction-related problems.

Our nationally recognized Janney Technical Center laboratories are capable of full-scale specimen testing using fixed testing equipment, including 120 kip Satec, 500 kip Riehle, and 400 kip Tinius Olsen fatigue-rated test machines; a high-frequency cyclic portal frame; and a 1200 kip concrete cracking frame. Our 8,000-square-foot structural laboratory also includes a strong floor to allow for custom testing configurations with load capacities greater than 2,000 kip.

Drawing upon the knowledge gained from more than 175,000 projects, we apply advanced laboratory testing and analytical techniques to help clients understand the ultimate strength and durability of their structural components.