The Pennsylvanian

Pittsburgh, PA

Roofing, Masonry, and Fireproofing Repair Consultation

WJE was retained to provide professional consulting services regarding roofing, masonry, and retaining wall repairs. In addition, WJE was engaged to evaluate the existing conditions of the fire-resistive materials applied to the existing structure above office renovations under the north sidewalk arcade of the building.


The Pennsylvanian, located near the intersection of Liberty Avenue and Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh, was constructed around 1900 and is a mixed-use building with apartments, offices, and below-grade parking. The main building is a steel-framed structure that is clad with a mix of terra cotta, brick, and stone. The rotunda is also a steel-framed structure clad primarily with terra cotta above the concourse level along with granite located at the base of the piers. A masonry contractor was engaged to perform various repairs and WJE was engaged separately to provide consultation during construction.


WJE reviewed the original construction drawings from 1900, additional renovation drawings from 1986, and relevant documents made available by Greystar. WJE observed existing site conditions to determine repair extents, and WJE findings and recommendations regarding repair details and approximate quantities were reported to Greystar. WJE also reviewed product submittals and performed regular construction observation site visits. Testing of installed materials was also performed, as requested by Greystar.

Retaining wall repairs included evaluation of the existing CMU wall construction following the removal of EIFS cladding. WJE provided written repair concept descriptions and conceptual sketches to convey multiple preliminary repair strategies. Once a concept was selected, WJE provided finalized repair details.

In addition, WJE evaluated the existing condition of the fire-resistive materials applied to the existing structure above the office renovations being completed under the north sidewalk arcade of the building and provided recommendations for fireproofing repairs.