Carnegie Mellon University, Scott Hall

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

Building Enclosure Consulting Services

WJE served as a part of the building enclosure commissioning team retained by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). WJE efforts were focused on the exterior envelope systems to prevent air leakage through and water penetration into the building. The unitized curtain wall in the new building was a unique design consisting of dichroic glass fins resulting in nontraditional detailing.


Scott Hall is a proposed addition to the CMU campus that will be constructed between two existing structures: Wean and Hamerschlag Hall. The main building is a six-story, steel-framed structure with a cantilevered portion of the building supported by an array of tapered columns. The building cladding system consists primarily of unitized curtain wall systems with dichroic glass fins and aluminum sunshades. The base of the building is clad in split-face concrete masonry with several smooth-face concrete masonry accent bands. A green roof and terrace serves as a link between the proposed Scott Hall and the adjacent buildings. The low-sloped roofing system utilizes a single-ply modified bitumen roofing membrane.


WJE performed peer reviews of the construction documents at various stages of completion, provided recommendations to address air and water infiltration pathways into the building, and assisted in review of the cladding shop drawings. WJE also provided guidance to the design team and owner to consider regarding selection of a dichroic glass assembly.

During construction, WJE performed on-site construction observations to document the exterior envelope work in progress to ensure general conformance with the contract documents and recognized industry standards. WJE also conducted field quality control performance testing.

During fabrication of the curtain wall, WJE visited the curtain wall manufacturing plant to review the quality control efforts in place by the manufacturer.