Demonstration of Vibration Monitoring for Museum Construction Projects

Mohamed ElBatanouny, Senior Associate and Unit Manager
Arne P. Johnson, Principal

Learn about WJE’s methods and equipment for vibration control during museum construction projects, described by vibration engineers Arne Johnson and Mohamed ElBatanouny. This demonstration was originally part of the symposium “Vibrations in Collections and in Transport” led by Dr. William (Bill) Wei in Amersfoort, Netherlands, on November 30, 2023.

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Watch a recording of the symposium “Vibrations in Collections and in Transport” to learn more about Dr. Wei’s research into the effects of vibrations on collections during transport. 

The portion of the symposium presented by WJE’s Arne Johnson and Mohamed ElBatanouny is entitled “Vibration Monitoring During Museum Construction” and begins at 2:09:00. Johnson and ElBatanouny also participate with Dr. Wei in the Q&A that begins at 4:26:00.