Heavy Movable Structures


"We provide a full complement of engineering services to support heavy movable structure projects, from inspection to design to field construction support."

— Paul Bandlow, Principal and Unit Manager

Not all structures are built to remain stationary. Some are designed to adapt to the dynamic demands of the built environment. We are an industry leader in the design, inspection, and repair of heavy movable structures—including bascule, swing, and vertical lift bridges as well as dam gates, locks, ferry slips, and cranes. For more than three decades, our engineers have worked with owners, contractors, fabricators, and installers to deliver technically sound and cost-efficient solutions for movable structures.

We are committed to finding practical yet innovative solutions to the structural, mechanical, and electrical problems experienced by all types of heavy movable structures. Our engineers are experts in the design of new systems, rehabilitation of existing systems, shop inspection, field inspection, preparation of procedures for machinery installation, strain gage testing for bridge balancing, electrical testing and construction support services. Our engineers are knowledgeable in governing AASHTO, AREMA, and CHBDC standards for highway and rail bridges and routinely troubleshoots problematic conditions on both an emergency and scheduled basis.

Supported by extensive in-house testing and research capabilities in our Janney Technical Center, our engineers perform a wide range of field and laboratory testing services. From full-scale load testing to elemental material analysis, we provide clients the answers they need to maintain the integrity and safety of their movable structures and equipment.

  • Design for new construction
  • Repair and rehabilitation
  • Preparation of PS&E
  • Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic services
  • Balance testing and analysis
  • Strain gage installation and monitoring
  • Frictional troubleshooting
  • Inspection of field machinery installation and operation
  • Construction engineering inspection and construction support
  • Acceptance testing
  • Wire rope inspection
  • Emergency response
  • Movable Bridge Project Coordinator services
  • Rail systems engineering
  • Electrical testing/monitoring
  • Commissioning services