733 Washington Road Parking Deck

EJB Holding Company, LLC
Pittsburgh, PA

Framed Parking Area Repairs

WJE was retained to conduct a structural evaluation to address owner concerns related to the structural capacity of the existing framing. WJE engineers also provided a condition assessment, technical specifications, and construction period services for the 733 Washington Road parking deck.


Deterioration of the existing parking area led the building owner to ask a local restoration contractor for repair pricing. An additional project task was to evaluate the framing for garbage truck loading. The contractor then contacted WJE to provide review of the existing structure as well as repair recommendations.


WJE provided engineering services related to the evaluation of the existing structure. In order to properly assess the existing framing, WJE communicated with the refuse company to confirm the type and loading of the garbage truck in use. WJE also field verified existing framing members and provided a cursory assessment of existing conditions. The existing framing was determined to be adequate.

WJE recommendations related to the repair of the parking surface included evaluation of and specifications for concrete repair procedures, topping slab installation, and waterproofing systems. Further, the owner requested that WJE perform construction phase services to verify construction in accordance with repair recommendations.